Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers

What major cybersecurity events occurred in 2023 that had a significant impact on the world?

1. Korean-US Cyber War—A conflict between North Korea and the United States erupts on the cyber battlefield. The US is accused of launching cyber-attacks against North Korean infrastructure, while the North retaliates with sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks aimed at US financial and power systems.
2. ‘Ghost Network’ Discovered—A large dark web network is unearthed in 2023 and linked to a number of terrorist networks. The network is found to be infiltrated by various state actors from all over the world, prompting significant action from the international community.
3. Global AI Networks Compromised—In mid-2023, a number of large Artificial Intelligence networks are hacked by a skilled Chinese hacker. This provides access to data and control of automated systems across the world, prompting a closer look at the realities of autonomous systems and the potential for widespread disruption.
4. China-Aligned Malware Unleashed—In late 2023, a powerful malware package is released onto networks around the world by actors linked to the Chinese government. The malware is able to infect a variety of systems and lay undetected for months, potentially leading to identity theft, financial fraud and a host of other cyber-crimes.